Monday, November 11, 2013

Homework: Nov. 11-15

For the week of November 11, 2013

Mon. 11/11
All Blocks:  Complete "Writing & Evaluating Algebraic Expressions" wksh (f&b; pg. 1-2)

Tues. 11/12
All Blocks:  Clean out binders of old materials; keep old quizzes/tests at home for future studying.

Wed. 11/13
All Blocks:  Complete SOL 7.21 wksh (front; pg. 3)

Thurs. 11/14
All Blocks:  Complete Algebra Vocab wksh (back; pg. 4)

Fri. 11/15
All Blocks:  STUDY!!! Play Math Games!!!  Practice Smart Chart!!! Solve this week's Edmodo Math Riddle!!!

HW for the week of 11/11/13

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