Monday, November 25, 2013

Homework: Nov. 25-29

For the week of November 25, 2013

For this short week (only two days!), students only have the previous Edmodo algebra tiles assignment to complete.  I've extended the due date for the assignment, so students now have all of the Thanksgiving break to complete it.  They've had quite a bit going on for all their other classes, so I wanted to give them the extra time to finish it since they've been a bit overloaded with projects and other assignments along with several having technical difficulties in completing the math assignment online.

Edmodo Assignment Extended Details:

  • After logging into your My.CCPS account, students should use the Edmodo app icon to open the site.
  • Go to the assignment by clicking on the notifications icon (the bell with red numbers on the top right of the screen) and the "Assignment Due" link.  Note that you may have more than one if you currently have assignments for other classes.
  • Go to the link provided and create an equation using the following settings:  Grade 7, Background--Equation Chart, Manipulatives--Algebra Tiles.
  • Save a screen shot of your work (including pen markings and the final answer).  You can do this either by using the "print screen" keys (Fn+End/PrntScrn) and pasting the image into a picture program (ex. MS Paint) or a document program (ex. MS Word) or by using the MS Snipping Tool and saving the image.
  • Upload the assignment to Edmodo by clicking the "Turn In" button (see previous assignment image) and attaching the file to your response.  Remember to click the "Turn in Assignment" button when finished.

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