Monday, November 18, 2013

Math & Science PBL Bay Project

During the month of January we will be working on a project with our kids about the Chesapeake bay and how they impact the bay.  We will study: water quality, crabs and fish, the people that live near the bay and the people that depend on the bay for their lively hood.  The students' final product with be some sort of a PSA about the bay... could be a short commercial like video, a tri-fold poster, a pamphlet... we are leaving the end result pretty open ended.  What we need are outside people that can come look at the products.

I was wondering if we have any parents that work in this area (i.e. a field or company who deals with this topic) who could come in and look at the students' final products.  Please email me if you have a contact.

We look forward to this being a great unit where the kids will be able to see that they directly impact their future and that all the skills they are learning in math and science are actually useful!

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