Friday, December 20, 2013

Weekly Class Summary: Dec. 16-20

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.11 & 8.13 Data Analysis
Math Dictionary Sections:  "Preview" Graphing Notes (the "real" notes will be covered during the 4th term)
Upcoming Assessments:  Proportions Quiz TBA; Bay PBL Project (Jan. 2014)

I have quite a bit to do before making my way home but the building's closing up soon for the break, therefore this will be a very short WCS.  We did a small intro to statistics and graphing even though it's not quite time for the unit in our pacing.  The students will be using some of the information to help them with their Chesapeake Bay PBL projects when we get back to school from the winter break.  The students got a preview of the project along with some practice on the Chromebooks. Students received letters and rubrics for the project to help them start thinking about ideas for this group project.  They should post at least one website, video, resource, etc. to the class Edmodo page over the break that will help aid them and their classmates in the project.

One of my afternoon errands is to stop by the post office to mail off interim grade reports for all the students.  Since Edline is being underutilized, in part due to some glitches that have kept people from logging on occasionally, I decided to set up a team grade report for the four core subjects.  Be on the lookout for letters from school!

Before closing, I'd like to thank all the students and their families for the wonderful gifts I've received.  I've been overwhelmed by the number of pictures students have drawn to add to my art wall and the generous presents I've received, including a few from former students!  I wish everyone a safe and happy break!

Happy Holidays!

P.S. Instead of a "serious" math resource, here's a bit of fun to get you into the holiday spirit!

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