Friday, December 06, 2013

Weekly Class Summary: Dec. 2-6

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.14 & 8.15 Solve & Graph Inequalities
Math Dictionary Sections:  20 Inequalities
Upcoming Assessments:  Inequalities Quiz Part 2 (Mon. 12/9); Algebra Test (Thurs. 12/12 & Fri. 12/13)

I'm going to keep things on the short side this week since I'm trying to catch up on regrading all the quizzes for which students have turned in an Error Analysis.  We started the week by going over the Algebra Part 2 quiz in detail to help fix some of the common student misconceptions.  Since the newest topic for this week was algebraic inequalities, students needed to fully grasp how to solve algebraic equations before moving forward.  After the review and a little more practice, students have a much better grasp of the topic.  We had a break in the middle of the week with a review quiz.  To help cut down on some of the drawn out assessment work, I'm now splitting the quizzes up into two separate 10-question parts, one on review material which can essentially be given at any time and one on the new materials.  This will allow us to push back the new material quizzes as needed without pushing us back several extra days, allowing us to keep a little more on track with my plans.  With potential winter weather already looming on the horizon, this will be a huge benefit in case we end up missing any time.  It also came in handy this week so I could push just the inequalities question to the beginning of next week, only pushing us about half a block behind.

The highlight of the week for everyone was our lesson on graphing inequalities.  For the lesson, we used Oreos™ to represent the circles (a "closed" cookie for the closed circle and an "open" cookie for the open circle) and pretzel sticks to the direction the arrow should be drawn.  The students did an awesome job with the lesson, possibly because of their happy stomachs, but I'm happy with the results.  Thank you to all of the students (and their parents!) who brought in our food materials:  Nya, Aeon, Sean, Jemia, Jacob, Thomas, Mariana, Daijah, Morgan, Colton, Erica, and Amayah.  If I left anyone off the list, please let me know; I wrote the students their "thank you" Lambie Points as they brought the items in and tried to keep track of the list as well, but I have a feeling I left off one or two.  We practiced solving inequalities as well, using the same steps we use to solve equations with the only twist (aside from the graphing) being the "flip" of the inequality symbol when multiplying or dividing by negatives.  We did a major update to our Smart Chart and students should have both a green paper with the SM as well as all the portions in the back of their Math Dictionaries.  I encourage students to continue making the chart (particularly the portions with which they struggle) from memory each week so they have it memorized by the end of the year.

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