Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekly Class Summary: Jan. 6-10

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.4 & 8.3 Ratios, Rates, & Proportions
Math Dictionary Sections:  21 Ratios, Rates, & Proportions
Upcoming Assessments:  Proportions Quiz (Fri. 1/17); Bay PBL Project (Fri. 1/24)

This WCS will be short and sweet since I'm still recovering from having my wisdom teeth removed over the break.  With that being said, I want to sincerely thank all of my students for being on their best behavior this week, knowing I'm still feeling pretty rough.  You guys are awesome!

This week we haven't done too much "real math" in class this week as we've started working on our Chesapeake Bay PBL project.  This project is a cross-circular assignment being down in both math and science.  This week our work has been a bit more science based and the math hasn't been quite as obvious (though next week's activity will be much more "in your face" math).  We completed a water quality lab as well as a virtual field trip to the Bay.  Students have spent quite a bit of time in their groups discussing and planning their final projects using what has been learned thus far in math and science as well as what they've discovered on their own.  I spent most of today (Friday) checking in with each group to see where they stand:  what jobs each group member has, what format their presentation (a PSA to convince others to care about the Bay) will take, what their theme/main idea is, etc.  I've already been highly impressed with their creativity as well as the scope of their ideas!  I wasn't able to get through all the groups in each class, so the students I missed today will meet with me on Monday.  I'll continue checking in with the groups to ensure that students are on pace with their plans, headed in the right direction, and that all the group members are doing their fair share and in agreement on what's being done.

We had a parent information session on Thursday to help introduce parents to the concept of PBL (Project Based Learning).  The presentation can be viewed below for any parents unable to attend or who might want to see it again.  Thanks to all those who made it out!  The questions and concerns brought up by some of the parents are being taken into consideration, especially as this is a bit of a learning process for us being one of the first CCPS schools to introduce PBL this year.

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