Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekly Class Summary: Feb. 24-28

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.5 & 8.7 Surface Area & Volume of Rectangular Prisms & Cylinders
Math Dictionary Sections:  25 Solids; 26 Surface Area & Volume (with Math 7 Formula Sheet)
Upcoming Assessments:  Edmodo Review Quiz (Mon. 3/3/14); Quads & Vol/SA Test (Mon. 3/10/14)

I'll be keeping this week's WCS on the shorter side since I've got a fairly long to-do list to take care of before returning to the school for this year's school play (Willy Wonka Junior).  After taking the quiz on quadrilaterals, students reviewed geometric solids on their own, followed by a quick whole class review of the topic.  From there, we jumped into working on surface area and volume of rectangular prisms and cylinders.  This unit will carry over into next week as well as being brought up again after the spring's SOL testing is completed to go over some of the Math 8 solids that are covered during MSM2 (pyramids and cones).

Students always seem to struggle at first with how to use the formulas in middle school, so we took time to add examples to the math dictionaries using a color matching technique I prefer.  While some students do just fine without it, those who tend to plug numbers into the wrong spot or forget parts of the formula find it easier to keep their work organized with this.  We'll have to work towards using only one color as the current SOL rules do not allow using more than one color highlighter on the test, but it's a good start for those who need the "training wheels" on as they become accustomed to it.

Surface Area

Next week we'll be getting into the more complicated side of this unit (i.e. changing dimensions as well as the tricky word problems).  We'll be in the computer lab on Monday where we'll be experimenting with taking a quiz through Edmodo (hence the change in scheduling), to be followed up with some "mathy fun time" on the computers, so students are reminded to bring their headphones/earbuds.

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