Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekly Class Summary: Mar. 10-14

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.8 & 8.8 Geometric Transformations
Math Dictionary Sections:  27 Coordinate Plane; 28 Transformations
Upcoming Assessments:  Transformations Quiz (Wed. 3/19/14)

This week has reminded us that spring is approaching (but will apparently take a detour Sunday evening/Monday morning), so we've actually had a whole uninterrupted week.  Students finished the test we "previewed" last Friday.  If they didn't finish on Monday, the completed it on Tuesday in the computer lab before we had our first completely "fun" day of math gaming.  The students all have DimensionU accounts and we were able to play a little bit the last time we were in the lab, but this was the first time they could really get into it.  DimensionU has different "worlds" the students can play in and our school accounts give EDMS students access to the math and language arts part of the game.  Obviously while in my class, students are expected to play the math portion (earning points while answering math questions related to our curriculum), but the game can also be downloaded and played from home.  I'm one of the building contacts for the company, so I've received word that there will be a web-version of the game relaunched sometime in the future.  I'm hoping it will work with the Chromebooks the students will be given next year, so we'll be able to get a lot more use out of the game.

When we returned to the classroom on Wednesday, we got started on our geometric transformations unit.  Students received their new homework and classwork packets, which are currently due on Wednesday, March 19th; this could be pushed back depending on how far we get at the beginning of next week.  We did a little review of the basics of working on the coordinate plane before starting on translations.  On Thursday, some students were able to get started on reflections, but most were only able to finish translations.  With a social studies field trip and chorus students leaving for state assessments, about half of the students were out on Friday, therefore, instead of teaching a lesson that would just need to be repeated on Monday, students were given some Pi Day activities to work on as well as a chance to complete unfinished assignments, work on error analysis for their old assessments, and get help from me when needed.  Since students were with me for both their math block as well as the block they normally have language arts, some were able to make a lot of progress on getting caught up and/or ahead in their work.  Students can work on their classwork packet on their own outside of school, but we will be continuing our work with transformations on Monday.

Students are reminded that they can make arrangements with me for a tutoring session before or after school.  At the moment, I'm not able to set up a "regular" after school tutoring session as I have in the past (my sister needs my "auntie's taxi service" to be running for a bit), but I can find a few minutes before and/or after school some days to give extra help when needed.  Students can check with me or have their parents email and we can find a time that works for everyone.  I can also work with students during SOAR class, though I have plans to help students get organized and clear out lockers over the next few weeks (some of their binders and lockers are looking like a paper factory exploded in there!).

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