Friday, May 02, 2014

Weekly Class Summary: Apr. 28-May 2

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.1-7.4 N&NS and C&E
Math Dictionary Sections:  Review all sections on N&NS and C&E
Upcoming Assessments:  SOL Quiz #3 (Fri. 5/9/14)

This week was our first full week of SOL review.  Students were given their SOL review folders along with all the work packets we'll be doing in the weeks leading up to the big test.  For this first week, we focused on the Numbers & Number Sense (SOLs 7.1-7.2) and Computation & Estimation (SOLs 7.2-7.4) categories, which make up the first reporting category on the SOL.  Students worked independently while I went around and checked over their work and gave little pointers, hints, and mini-lessons.  On Thursday, students took the second SOL review quiz and Friday, for those students who had finished all other work, we were in the computer lab for some techie review using DimensionU, TenMarks, and StudyIsland.  Students who hadn't finished this week's packet continued to work on those and could join in on the fun while the rest finished.

A few students also finally had the chance to finish their SOL simulation test.  You'll notice that a grade has not yet been posted for the test.  This is in part due to some students just finishing today.  However, I also still have to go in and analyze the data before I decide how grades for it will be done; at the moment, the plan is to pick 25 questions to use as the grade, eliminating those questions that had a high miss rate.  Students will receive their feedback form (hopefully) by the end of next week along with a letter for their parents.  Details for this will be posted next week.

Thank you to everyone who sent supplies in this week! It's been a huge help! I wish I could name everyone, but some names are escaping me at the moment and I wouldn't want to forget some of my helpers, so instead I send a blanket "Thank You!" to everyone who helped!

Well, that's it for this week.  I know it's much shorter than my usual post, but I'm beat after this week, in part due to the late night here at school yesterday for the annual art show.  We have some incredibly talented young artists here and I was very impressed!  I have my own little gallery going in my classroom with all the work students have given me this year, though some of those were a bit sillier than others.

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