Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekly Class Summary: May 27-30

SOLs Covered:  All Math 7 SOLs
Math Dictionary Sections:  Review all sections
Upcoming Assessments:  Possible quiz on Pythagorean Theorem & Angle Relationships

Finally!  We've made it through the Math 7 SOL with today being the last day of math testing!  We got some last minute review in on Tuesday before Block 1/2 took the test on Wednesday, followed by Block 7/8 on Thursday, and culminating with Block 3/4 today.  The kids have all worked extremely hard and I'm so proud of them!  We're all a little worn out from testing, so I'm keeping it short-and-sweet this week (really this time!).  I'll give the kids a little break on Monday with some fun probability review to help de-stress after all the testing, but we'll get back into learning mode after that in order to cover a few Math 8 topics that were pushed back since they are part of the MSM2 curriculum but are not tested on the Math 7 SOL.

I hope all my students enjoy some down time this weekend!  Don't forget to spend a little time reviewing for your upcoming history SOL (even blocks on June 4th and odd blocks on June 5th).

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