Friday, October 17, 2014

Math: Week 7

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.1a,b,c & 8.1b Comparing & Ordering Rational Numbers & Scientific Notation
Math Packet:  #6 Comparing & Ordering Numbers
Upcoming Assessments:  Comparing & Ordering Quiz (Fri. 10/24)

SOLs Covered:  SOL 8.1b Comparing & Ordering Rational Numbers & Scientific Notation
Math Packet:  #6 Comparing & Ordering Numbers
Upcoming Assessments:  Properties Quiz (Fri. 10/24)

This week we expanded our use of technology to include online assessments.
All the core classes have taken pre-assessments that will be used to measure student growth at the end of the year after the post-assessment is given, but my math classes took their first "real" assessments (regular quizzes and tests) this week.  The MSM2 students took the quiz on algebraic substitution on Monday and they started the test reviewing the first six weeks of school on Tuesday, finishing on Wednesday.  The 7H class took their quiz on comparing and ordering rational numbers, including those writen in scientific notation, on Thursday followed by the first county review quiz on Friday.

We've been taking online SOLs for a few years now, but we had few options for doing online assessments in the past due to the limitations of available computers to take the assessments on top of not really having many options for delivering them.  As you can imagine, taking assessments on the computer can be very different than taking traditional paper/pencil assessments and this is even more true for math.  We now thankfully have the chance to prepare a lot more through our new online testing system, onTrac/Interactive Achievement.  The system has similar features (virtual tools like highlighter, ruler, etc.), allows for TEI questions (technology enhanced items like fill-in-the-blank and drag-and-drop) and is aligned to the Virginia SOLs.  It has the added bonus that the kids can see their scores immediately.

Of course I like that it helps speed up my grading, allowing me to input their scores as soon as the students finish so they can start on their Error Analysis and ask follow-up questions immediately.  With the questions no longer available once students have submitted their answers, I am now including a note in their StudentVUE gradebook about which questions they missed.  Students can view the questions again from the view-only file in their Google Drive math folder.  A few students asked about submitting their EA responses electronically as well and I showed them how to add a few extra math features to their Google Documents to make this easier.  While we're still trying to find the best ways to continue integrating the technology, I think my students and I are off to a great start!

As I'm sure you can tell by now, I really love technology and can go on and on about it!  Since it's nearing 8PM Friday night, I'm going to close things out now (I still have some corrections to get through), but I would like to still emphasis the importance of "old fashioned" math work, showing work on paper.  While technology can do many things, it cannot do everything for us and there is still a place for the "old ways."

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