Friday, December 19, 2014

Math: Week 16

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.14&15 Algebraic Equations & Inequalities
Math Packet:  Algebra Study Guide
Upcoming Assessments:  Rates, Ratios, & Proportions Quiz (Fri. 1/9)

SOLs Covered:  SOL 8.3 Proportional Reasoning
Math Packet:  #12 Solving Practical Problems Using Proportional Reasoning
Upcoming Assessments:  Proportional Reasoning Test (Wed. 1/14 & Thurs. 1/15)

Since I'm just as eager to head home for the winter break as the kids, this week's summary will be super short....for real this time!  The MSM2 classes had a study guide for the first part of the week, for which I sent them a detailed key to check their answers from and to add to their own study materials.  On Wednesday and Thursday (and for a few students on Friday), they took a comprehensive algebra test covering everything from verbal translations to solving and graphing inequalities.  The 7H class had a proportional reasoning project that required the calculate the percent of change for sales items, the amount of discount for other items (after use of coupons), the amount of tax, and finally the final total.  The project gave the students a spending limit of $1,000 (hypothetically of course) and they had to buy at least 15 items.  There's a bit of competition thrown in as well (closest to $1,000 without going over), but the kids were also finding some very interesting items; there were a few unique pets bought and I'm curious what else they came up with.  I'll be going over the projects during the break and will post those grades as they are completed.

On Friday, most students had already completed all of the new work for this week, so I played holiday cartoons on the board while students worked on making-up missing/incomplete assignments and completed corrections for past assessments (including this week's MSM2 test).  I'll be working on updating the grades over the break, so don't forget to check for updates!  As I'd promised the kids, an extra credit assignment has also been posted to TenMarks.  I have added the stipulation that no EXTRA credit will be added until the REQUIRED credit assignments have been handled.  This requires that there be no missing/incomplete assignments (digital copies can be found on the class Google calendars) and that at least one attempt at corrections (a.k.a. error analysis) has been made for all assessments this term.  Once that's taken care of, the extra credit will be added.  I haven't decided on a point limit for it yet, but any additional points earned on TenMarks will be converted to Lambie Points, which the kids seem to be loving at the moment.

So that's all a bit longer than I thought it would be, but still shorter than some weekly class summaries.  I will not be quite as "present" online during the break, but I will still check email and other messages several times each week, so please feel free to send them if you have any questions.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy break and that everyone enjoys whichever of the winter holidays you celebrate!

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