Friday, February 06, 2015

Math: Week 21

MSM2 Blocks 1/2 & 7/8
SOLs Covered:  SOL 8.6 Angle Relationships; SOL 7.7 Properties of Quadrilaterals
Math Packet:  #15 Angle Relationships; #16 Properties of Quadrilaterals
Upcoming Assessments:  Geometry Test #1(Pyth. Th., Angle Rel., & Prop. of Quads) (Fri. 2/13/15)

7H Block 5/6
SOLs Covered:  SOL 8.10 Pythagorean Theorem; SOL 8.6 Angle Relationships
Math Packet:  #14 Pythagorean Theorem; #15 Angle Relationships
Upcoming Assessments:  Angle Relationships Quiz (Fri. 2/13/15)

Aunt Kimmie's taxi cab service is running this afternoon, so I'm trying to get a head start on this week's update (and keep it short if I don't get too long winded again) before my niece and her friend come looking for a ride home after school.  Both the MSM2 and 7H students took the fourth CCPS review quiz on Monday and the overall pass rate has gone up this time.  I attribute this at least partially to kids finally getting the hang of some of the tips I've been going pushing into overdrive the past few weeks.  Both classes also had an Edmodo assignment they needed to finish by Monday on the Pythagorean theorem.  Most did an awesome job with it, but some still haven't completed it or failed to upload the screenshots of the finished work in order to get credit.  While it's late at this point, all the kids started the new term off with a new set of Liberty Points, which can be used to "pay the late fee" in order to still turn it in and get credit.

The 7H students wrapped up their work on the Pythagorean theorem with a quiz on Thursday after a bit more paper and electronic work earlier in the week.  Overall the group rocked this quiz and there were some very excited students by the end of the class.  Way to go, guys!  The MSM2 students will not have an individual quiz on the unit since it's the first exclusively Math 8 topic of the year that doesn't directly relate to any other topic.  We (in the MSM2 classes) started a second Math 8 topic (angle relationships) on Tuesday and only spent two days on it for the same reason.  This topic does in part help our work with our next topic (also started this week), the properties of quadrilaterals, so because of this fact as well as the fact that these two Math 8 topics will only be assessed in the classroom (meaning they will not be on their state SOL test at the end of the year), we'll combine the topics for a single assessment at the end of next week that's a bit more than the usual quiz wrap-up of a topic but less than our usual tests.  The 7H class started the angle relationship unit today and will continue it next week and since it is one of their tested SOLs, they will have a separate quiz on it before testing.

Well, my niece and her friend are here and already talking my ear off, so it's time to wrap this up.  Have a great weekend folks!

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