Friday, March 13, 2015

Math: Week 25

MSM2 Blocks 1/2 & 7/8
SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.8 & 8.8 Geomteric Transformations
Math Packet:  #18 Geometric Transformations
Upcoming Assessments:  Geo. Test #3 (Geo. Trans. & Sim. Figs.) (Fri. 3/20/15)

7H Block 5/6
SOLs Covered:  SOL 8.11 Composite Figures
Math Packet:  #17 Composite Figures
Upcoming Assessments:  SA & Volume Quiz (Part 1: Rect. Prisms & Cylinders) (Wed. 3/11/15)

I'm going to try to keep things on the shorter side for awhile since I've got a few plans I want to start working on in preparation of our SOL review that will start in May.  I also have a few new sites I want to check out in more detail to see if they'd work in our math classes.  If I am actually able to keep these on the shorter side (I've said that often and then still end up with an quite a bit), I still welcome anyone who needs clarification or has questions to feel free to email or message me at anytime.

This week the MSM2 classes have been working on geometric transformations.  While this at first was intimidating to many, the quickly found that with some of physical examples that allowed them to see the changes (a.k.a. transformations) taking place, they had a better understanding of how they all worked.  For this we did a "table top transformation" activity where the kids were given giant coordinate plane and laminated shapes that fit the grid, which they could then move around to match the given transformation.  This along with some of my quick notes steps for applying the transformations seems to have really helped the kids grasp the concepts.  They took the quiz on Friday and overall the results were really good.

The 7H class wrapped up old work (the floor plan mini-project, Math-by-Design web assignment, and the composite figures quiz) before reviewing for the test on the previous three geometry topics.  As previously stated in last week's summery, which was actually posted this past Monday, the grades weren't as good for the quiz as I would have expected and hoped for, so this combined with continued struggles on the study guide pushed me to change things up a little.  I realized the kids for the most part were trying to do all the work in the calculator without putting anything on paper or even trying out the divisions on the composite shape to break it down into it's basic shape parts.  Therefore I gave all the kids a printed copy of the quiz and walked through it with them, showing how I'd break the shapes down (note: some could be broken down several different ways) and how I'd break down the formulas to fit the different shapes formed.  The kids were responsible for following along with me, copying the work I started onto their own copy, then finishing the work and submitting it via Interactive Achievement for a completely new grade.  Sadly, some students didn't bother to write everything down and are thus still struggling a bit with the topic.  I encourage them (along with anyone else wanting extra help) to either stay after school any Tuesday or coming in early before school any Wednesday or Thursday.  The students wrapped up the week with a test before we started the next topic, 3-D models, which will carry over into the beginning of next week.

So I'm obviously not all that good at keeping things on the shorter side, but I hope I didn't lose anyone along the way.  As always, please feel free to email or message me with any questions.  Have a great weekend!

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