Saturday, May 02, 2015

Math: Week 31

MSM2 Blocks 1/2 & 7/8
SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.9/10 & 8.12 Probability
Math Packet:  #22 Probability
Upcoming Assessments:  CCPS Mini-SOL Quiz #2 (Mon. 5/4/15); Statistics Quiz (Fri. 5/8/15); CCPS Mini-SOL Quiz #3 (Mon. 5/11/15)

7H Block 5/6
SOLs Covered:  SOL 8.14/16/17 Relations & Functions
Math Packet:  #22 Functions
Upcoming Assessments:  Functions Test (Thurs. 5/7/15 & Fri. 5/8/15 if needed); CCPS Mini-SOL Quiz #3 (Fri. 5/8/15)

It's been a busy week and things will continue to be busy up through SOLs.  I'm sending this later than my self-appointed deadline of Friday because I'm busy working on things for our SOL review that will go into full swing after we finish up just one more unit in both the MSM2 classes as well as the 7H class.
 We have already started our "Mini-SOL" quizzes, both MSM2 and 7H with #1 on Monday and 7H taking #2 on Friday.  There will be five of these quizzes total (students who attended a CCPS middle school last year should remember taking similar quizzes) that when combined equal an SOL simulation test.  The students have been asked to hang onto these quizzes and keep them along with any future SOL review materials together in a folder or binder that they'll need to bring to class everyday.  Students will be given online assignments as well that will not only extend the "usual" review work but give them practice that will at least somewhat emulate online SOL testing, though using Interactive Achievement all year has been a big help with that.

In addition to the SOL quizzes, the MSM2 classes wrapped up work on probability on Monday and Tuesday, took their quiz for it on Wednesday (overall the scores were awesome with many acing it!), had a quick review for the test with extra focus on sequences on Thursday, and finally ended the week with a test.  As I've told the kids, I'm calling all "in-house" assessments (meaning those made by the EDMS math teachers) take-home assessments, though it would be more accurate to call them start-in-class-and-finish-at-home assessments (not the best name, so we'll stick with take-home for now).  With the extra SOL quizzes being added to the week, I didn't want to lose more instructional time just for testing if it could be avoided.  I've been doing the same thing with the 7H class.

The 7H class started working with functions, which will continue into next week.  They tried out several different activities I uploaded to one of my new favorite tech resources, which allows teachers to send live presentations straight to students' devices and allows them to interact with it as well in the same ways they would on an interactive whiteboard.  While one wasn't entirely successful (we're all still learning how to work with it), the rest were and I think the site's a hit with the kids!  I've gotten word from one of our county tech folks that the site will be one they push teachers to use next year, so it's good that my students and I are able to give it a try now.  I'll obviously be using it with students next year and the kids will be able to help their teachers next year with it.  It's good being known as the "nerd teacher" sometimes... I get a heads up on all the good stuff!

I'll be ending things here now.  I'm currently working on coming up with an easy to follow schedule for the upcoming SOLs.  While 7th graders only have reading and math SOLs, our schedule can often be affected by the other tests taking place in the building, which starts on May 11th.  Once I get it all set up, I'll send it out to students via their Google math folders.

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