Friday, May 08, 2015

Math: Week 32

MSM2 Blocks 1/2 & 7/8
SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.11 & 8.13 Data Analysis
Math Packet:  #23 Data Analysis
Upcoming Assessments:  CCPS Mini-SOL Quiz #3 (Mon. 5/11/15); CCPS Mini-SOL Quiz #4 (Fri. 5/15/15)

7H Block 5/6
SOLs Covered:  SOL 8.14/16/17 Relations & Functions
Math Packet:  #22 Functions
Upcoming Assessments:  CCPS Mini-SOL Quiz #3 (Mon. 5/11/15); CCPS Mini-SOL Quiz #4 (Fri. 5/15/15)

This will be a quick WCS since I have my niece's dance recital this evening while the other one is standing here all impatient and ready to leave for the day.  The MSM2 classes started and completed their data analysis unit, with major emphasis on the histogram.  We added quite a bit of extra detail to the notes for this section, since there are a ton of little things that can make assessment questions difficult.  The 7H class wrapped up their unit on functions, which included a few add-ins from the high school Algebra I standards on slope and intercepts.  While these won't be assessed on their SOL, Chesterfield does include them in the honors curriculum, so we'll go back to this after SOLs in more detail.  All classes were given additional practice through TenMarks and Sumdog.  While the Sumdog assignments will be "closed" after today (this was a "free" week of one of the premium features on the site normally only available with an upgrade), the TenMarks assignment is "open" through the end of the day on Monday.  I was lucky enough to be chosen for a free upgrade for the rest of the year on TenMarks (it pays to be one of the "known nerds" in the district), so we'll use it quite a bit during our upcoming SOL review time, which starts next week.

Well, there it is!  The shortest WCS to date, I do believe.  Before wrapping this up, I do want to thank all those who made this Teacher Appreciation Week so awesome!  All the goodies provided for the staff by the PTA, the nice emails I've received, the homemade presents from students, and I've been told there's a lovely plant waiting for me in the front office (I don't even know who it's from yet, but I'm super excited!).  Thanks for making all of us teachers feel special this week!

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