Friday, May 15, 2015

Math: Week 33

MSM2 Blocks 1/2 & 7/8
SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.1-7.4 Numbers, Number Sense, Computation, & Estimation
Math Packet:  SOL Review Folder
Upcoming Assessments:  CCPS Mini-SOL Quiz #4 (Fri. 5/22/15)

7H Block 5/6
SOLs Covered:  SOL 8.1-8.5 Numbers, Number Sense, Computation, & Estimation
Math Packet:  SOL Review Folder
Upcoming Assessments:  CCPS Mini-SOL Quiz #5 (Fri. 5/22/15)

As the kids can tell you, it's been a little bit of a crazy week what with the start of SOL testing and the varying schedules each day, so I'm just plain beat and ready to call it a day.  I'll therefore be keeping this on the short side (at least that's the plan, but you know how I get carried away sometimes).

We've now wrapped up all of our new topics for the year (aside from the 7H class getting a preview of Algebra I after SOL testing is completed) and we're completely submerged in the depths of SOL review.  All classes have been focused on reviewing for the first SOL strand and reviewing the assigned standards (see above for further details on this).  In class, we'd work on the 2010 released SOL together via Interactive Achievement.  The kids were then tasked with completing problems from the 2013 test independently (also via IA) that were assigned each day.

We also went over general test-taking strategies after watching a couple of short videos from my SOL Prep YouTube playlist.  Some of these strategies can come in handy for any subject, so I encourage students to think about how to apply them throughout their classes.  Students are encouraged to continue studying on their own outside of school time as well as practicing their Smart Charts (like a cheat sheet but without the negative connotation of the name!).  We ended the week with the 4th Mini-SOL quiz (Block 7/8 will need to take this on Monday since their class was only about 30 minutes today), so some kids have already made it or are close to making it to the passing mark on their personal goal sheet!  Keep up the good work!

Well, that's a bit longer than I set out for at the start (I'm sure the kids have already stopped reading because they feel it's #TLDR), but I'm going to go ahead and call it a week.  Have a great weekend folks!

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