Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Homework: Sept. 25

For the Week of September 25, 2006
Mon. 9/25
Blocks 1&3: 1-4 Practice (#11-20); Correct and get Rounding & Estimating quiz signed
Block 4: 5-4 & 5-5 Study Guides (Odd or even for both)
Tues. 9/26
Blocks 1&3: 1-5 Study Guide
Block 4: 5-4 & 5-5 Practices (Odd or even for both)
Wed. 9/27
Blocks 1&3: Study for test, complete review worksheet, & correct and get quizzes signed
Blocks 4: 5-6 & 5-7 Study Guides (Odd or even for both) & correct and get quiz signed
Thurs. 9/28
All Blocks: Study for Weekly Warm Up Quiz (Block 4 will take on Monday)
Blocks 1&3: Math Interview—Ask a parent or guardian how they use math in his/her daily life (at home, work, shopping, etc)
Block 4: Complete review worksheet & study for quiz on Properties of Operations (with Integers)


Kai Starkes said...

Ms.Lambert what a fun website for us students.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mrs.Lambert you didn't put the homework for this week on the website.

Ms. Lambert said...

It's coming.....be patient. It should be up in a few minutes.