Thursday, September 28, 2006

Notes on Integers, Part 1

Block 4 is currently working on this,
Blocks 1&3 will be working on this later in the year.
Use this in addition to the notes you have taken in class.

ABSOLUTE VALUE: A number’s distance from zero on the number line... how far it is from zero. Ex. +7 is 7 places from zero and -8 is 8 places from zero. -8 is farther from zero than +7 but that doesn't mean -8 is greater... +7 is greater than -8


Positives = Positive answer
Negatives = Negative answer

Positives & Negatives = Answer takes the sign for the integer with the greater absolute value (the # farthest from zero)


Add the opposite *Keep-Change-Change

I found this nifty "poem" on a "Seventh Grade Math" wikipage:

It is good (+) to love (+), and it is bad (-) to hate (-)!
If you love to love, that is good. (positive x positive = positive)
(positive / positive = positive)
If you love to hate, that is bad. (positive x negative = negative)
(positive / negative = negative)
If you hate to love, that is bad. (negative x positive = negative)
(negative / positive = negative)
If you hate to hate, that is good. (negative x negative = positive)
(negative / negative = positive)

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