Monday, October 09, 2006

Homework: Oct. 9

For the week of October 9, 2006

Mon. 10/9
Blocks 1&3: 10-2 Practice (All Problems)
Block 4: 3-1 & 3-3 Practices (All Problems)

Tues. 10/10
Blocks 1&3: 1-7 Practice (This is a worksheet and cannot be found in the Course 1 workbook.)
Block 4: 3-5 Practice (All Problems)

Wed. 10/11
Blocks 1&3: edHelper Worksheet
Block 4: 3-6 Practice (All Problems)

Thurs. 10/12
All Blocks: Study for Weekly Warm Up Quiz, Correct & get last week's quiz signed.

Don't forget to return your signed interims by Tuesday, October 17th!!!


Anonymous said...

can you use a calculator to help with the edhelper worksheet?

Ms. Lambert said...

Yes, a calculator can be used on this worksheet. However, I always encourage you to use a calculator to check your work, not do the work for you.