Friday, February 11, 2011

DimensionU Update!

DimensionU seems to be shaping up to be an incredibly motivating program. Students can play at school, home, or the public library. We've been able to go to the lab several times and a few students have also stayed after school to compete and we've all had a blast! In case the letter sent out right before winter break didn't make it home, I have placed an electronic copy on Edline and here. There is a registration process outlined on the letter that parents need to go through so the students can enroll for the U Games, which allows students to use the new social network feature (it's nothing like other social networks in that it doesn't allow them to communicate, but it does allow them to see if their friends are currently playing so they can join in their game) and to compete for prizes, the top being a $50,000 scholarship and $1,000 cash for the champion of the final round. Registration is not required for basic game play, but is needed to grant the students permission for the official U Games and should be fairly quick and simple.

Technical support for any home computer issues that may pop up when trying to download and/or play the game can be found on the DimensionU website, by calling the Tabula Digita support line at 1-888-9-TABULA (1-888-982-2852), or by emailing

For students interested in competing against me after they get home from school, I will start announcing days and times in class when they can search for my game name (MsKLambert) in one of the AutoStart game rooms and join the fun!

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