Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: Feb. 7-11

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.9 Metric System; 6.10 Determining Units of Measure
Math Dictionary Sections: (17) Metric Measurement; (18) Comparing U.S. & Metric
Upcoming Assessments: Metric Quiz Retake (Wed. 2/16); Properties Quiz (TBA)

The majority of the week was spent on two new topics, the metric system and ballpark comparisons of U.S. customary and metric measurements. At first, students seemed to take to the new topics well, but the quiz results thus far indicate there is still some confusion. Thus, we will review and go a little further into the metric system next week before all students retake the quiz. Both this week and during next week's review, the mnemonic many people use will be one of the biggest areas of focus: King Henry Died By drinking chocolate milk. This mnemonic helps students remember the order of the different units of measure and will help them recreate what I call our Metric Game Board, which helps them with either method of conversion: moving the decimal or multiplying/dividing by ten. With a little more time and review, everyone should do much better the second time the quiz is given.

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