Monday, March 26, 2012

End of Term #3 Reminders!

As we near the end of the third marking period, I would like to remind students to get in all of their missing work and to consider using their Liberty Points or Stingray Points to retake some of the not-so-good-grade quizzes.

Students are reminded that they can complete JLab Quizzes (Math 6-7 only for Terms 3 & 4) in place of missing work if the papers can no longer be found as well as for extra credit points (up to 20 points). Remember that two correctly answered questions equal one point in the grade book, so one missing homework assignment (worth 10 points) can be replaced by a 20-question quiz.

Students have also been invited to create guest posts for the class blog to earn Stingrays or extra credit points (student's choice).  They simply need to create a post on anything we've done this year in a format of their choosing.  This means they can teach a lesson on one of our topics, write a poem, make a video, create a work of art, or just about anything else they can think of to go along with any math topic we have covered (or will cover) during the school year.

Grades can be checked on Edline every week and we've had (and will continue to have) opportunities to check in class when we have the netbooks.

All make-up work, retakes, and extra credit is due no later than Mon. 4/2/12.  Parents and guardians, please encourage your children with this endeavor.

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