Friday, June 08, 2012

Weekly Class Summary: June 4-8

SOLs Covered: All Math 6 SOLs
Math Dictionary Sections: All Sections of the MD
Upcoming Assessments: None!

After wrapping up the last few 6th grade SOLs on Monday, we spent the rest of the week working on the students' end-of-year project, a "fake Facebook" I found last year (@TechToolsForSchools) that I adapted to suit our needs, which has students personifying any math topic we covered this year.  We started by reviewing some of the awesome examples my students made last year.   Students then started working on the rough draft version of their own using the paper template I adapted from the original version.   So far I'm seeing spectacular work from this year's kids as well, though the modified bell schedule has left some kids with less time to work than others.  Thankfully, I've been able to finagle an extra day on the netbooks next week (Tuesday), so students will have more time to finish their projects.

View more presentations from Ms. Lambert.

With the year ending next week, all make-up work and extra credit is due on Monday, June 11th.   The students were informed at the beginning of this week, so there will be no exceptions as grades need to be closed and sent before the last day, per county policy.  I've had a few emails with JLab results, but most have not had the student's name added, so credit cannot be given.  Please remember to add the name (you will see it listed at the top of the results page if it worked).  A printed report or forwarded results will also suffice.

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