Monday, November 26, 2012

Request for Donations

For the weeks leading up to winter break, we'll be working on various algebra concepts.  I'd like to do a few activities that would require quite a bit in the way of materials, so any donations would be greatly appreciated.

This week (11/26) and next (12/3) for solving one- and two-steps equations:
  1. Teddy Grahams in regular and chocolate (to represent x and next -x in equations)
  2. Miniature colored marshmallows (to represent 1 and -1 in equations)
  3. If you have other ideas for these things, see me and we can decide if it will work for the activity
In 3 weeks (12/10) for graphing inequalities:
  1. Oreos in any variety, any size (to represent the open/closed circle)
  2. Twizzlers, Pixy Sticks, pretzel sticks or some other stick/string candy/food (to represent the ray)
This is not a requirement, but any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks to anyone who can help!

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