Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Class Summary: Nov. 26-30

SOLs Covered:  7.14 & 8.15a Solving Equations
Math Dictionary Sections:  (14) Algebraic Concepts
Upcoming Assessments:  Two- & Multi-Step Equations Quiz (Fri. 12/7); Inequalities Quiz (Fri. 12/14); Test 2.2 on Equations & Inequalities (Tues. 12/18)

What a week!   It seems to have gone by pretty fast considering it's one of the few weeks we've gone a full five days this month!  We had to do quite a bit of review of several topics, particularly properties and integers, as we began covering how to evaluate one-step equations.   Though the kids have been solving one-step equations for several years now, this is the first time they are finding integers in their equations.  There is also a lot more emphasis on how the properties are applied to solve equations.  Students will need to be able to identify the properties at work in each question.  For instance, in the following equation the inverse property of multiplication is needed to isolate the variable.
\begin{align*} \frac{x}{2}& =-7\\ 2 \bullet \frac{x}{2}& =-7 \bullet 2\\ x& = -14 \end{align*}
We spent a bit of time modeling equations this week.  We used a variety of pictures to illustrate adding, subtracting, and multiplication problems as well as playdough!  The kids really enjoyed the time they got to use playdough to solve equations, making different shapes and colors to represent variables and constants.  Next week, thanks to the very generous donations that have come in, we'll continue modeling with more complex equations (in addition to the traditional way of showing work algebraically) using Teddy Grahams and miniature marshmallows.

It's not too late to send in supplies for anyone interested in helping out.  We are still in need of both, especially the marshmallows.   If we end up with too much, the extras will be put to good use and be added to the "store" students can shop from using their Lambie Points as well as after-school snacks for any students staying after.  I'm planning to have another after-school help session sometime next week.  Once I nail down the day, I'll post the details here as well as on Edline and Edmodo.
Algebra Meltdown from
The week wrapped up with a quiz on one-step equations.  We'll continue working on algebra up to the break, so I highly encourage students to review over the weekend, which will hopefully include a bit of gaming.  MangaHigh's Algebra Meltdown is an excellent review game; the students can either log directly onto the site or play it from the apps library on Edmodo.  Have fun!

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