Monday, January 14, 2013

End-of-Term Reminders & After School Help

As we near the end of the second marking period and first semester, I would like to remind students to get in all of their missing work and to consider using their Liberty & Lambie Points to retake some of the not-so-good-grade quizzes.  Error Analysis can be completed to improve homework (for full credit) and quiz (for 1/2 credit) grades.  Students can also retake/redo assessments and assignments using class points (Liberty & Lambie).  Digital copies of all graded assignments (aside from quizzes and tests) can be found in the assignments folder on Edline and Edline as well as GoogleDocs.

To help with this, I'll be staying after again this Wednesday, January 16, to provide extra help and let students work on making up missing assignments. If there are any students (or parents) who would like to participate, you need to make arrangements with me ahead of time. Students should see me in class before Wednesday to make their request and then ask their parents/guardians to write a note or email giving them permission to stay after.   I need to have a list of students ahead of time to ensure that the number staying after doesn't get to out of hand and to make sure I have copies of the assignments for students needing to complete work.  Students will need to be picked up no later than 4PM or they will not be allowed to stay after again in the future.

Grades can be checked on Edline every week, several copies of grade reports have been sent home through the students, the team will be mailing home letters with reports for students who are currently at risk of failing, and we've had (and will continue to have) opportunities to check in class.  Parents and guardians, please encourage your children to be on top of their work and grades as well as to take advantage of these opportunities.

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