Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekly Class Summary: Jan. 14-18

SOLs Covered: 7.4 & 8.3a Solving Practical Problems with Proportional Reasoning
Math Dictionary Sections: (27) Problem Solving with Percents
Upcoming Assessments: Consumer Applications Quiz (Tues. 1/22); Test 2.3 on RRP & Consumer Apps (Wed. 1/23)

Last week ended with a SNOW DAY!!!  This is why I'm late in getting out the weekly class summary.  My school computer was still at school and while I have a personal home computer, my computer room was just too cold!  I apologize for the lateness, so on with the show!

Last week we focused exclussively on consumer appplication problems centered around percentages.  We started with finding "percent of a number" using a proportion (see notes).  We worked our way into finding tax, tip, and discount for various scenarios, starting with finding just one of the three and working our way into situations that involved all three.  Students did an activity that required they calculate the cost of their meal after tax and tip, which has hopefully given them a greater apprectiation for the times their parents/family take them "out to eat!"

Later in the week, we watched an episode of Extreme Couponing, calculating the amount saved by each person using the percent of change formula and then applying the formula to several other sitations given in the form of word problems.  We also worked on calculating simple interest, making sure we use the proper formula and convert time into years if given an interval in months.  While simple interest is not tested on the 7th grade SOL, it is part of the MSMII curriculum and the formula is not given on the Math 8 formula sheet, so I've told the students to "go country" with the phrase "I purtty" or "go iCarly" with "iParty" to help remember the formula I=prt.  At this time, students do not need to worry about compounded interest, though we did discuss briefly how it works and applies to situations like credit card balances.

With the snow days and (at this time) a small chance for more towards the end of the week, I decided the kids would take the quiz first thing this morning but would be allowed to use their notes, where we've added tons of examples throughout last week.  I'll be working on updating the electronic notes to match the handwritten additions added throughout the week.

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