Friday, January 24, 2014

Math Class Plans

I hope everyone enjoyed the time out of school!  I wanted to give the students and their parents a little "heads up" on plans for the end of term, hopefully alleviating some of the worries I'm sure a few are feeling with the uncertainty after all the missed time from school.  As previously shared, grades for the report card were ended for my class on Friday, January 17th.  The students were given one last extra credit opportunity to help their second term grades, which was originally due today.  This opportunity has been extended for obvious reasons and should now be turned in no later than next Wednesday, January 29th.

I've had a lot of questions about how the PBL project has been affected and after playing around with available dates, I now have everything set... as long as we avoid any more missed time!  The PBL folders were also originally scheduled to be turned in today, but are now also due next Wednesday, January 29th.  The folders should already be completed aside from a final summation paper we'll be working on Tuesday, but this gives students a chance to make sure they have everything finished and accounted for before turning it in for a final grade.  The grade for the folder will be one of the first grades for the third term along with their presentation grade for the assignment.

The presentations are now scheduled to take place for all of my classes on Tuesday, February 4th, but will be in the 7th grade locker pod instead of the auditorium as we were unable to find any time still available.  Students will be given time to work on their projects in class again next week.  I've reserved the computer lab for the second half of the block on Monday (1/27) and all day on Wednesday (1/29).  We'll also have the Chromebooks in class for the other days if we end up with any extra time.  The previously planned after school times set up for this week have been moved to next Tuesday (1/28) and Wednesday (1/29).

Students will be spending the first part of Monday working on the county benchmark assessment and will finish it up on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find any additional computer lab time to input answers into the county's system until later in February, so students will be taking the test on paper, which I will hold onto until we can get to the lab.  Students will only receive a quiz grade for ten of the questions, which I'll tell them about on Monday before they start.  The previously planned ratios, rates, and proportions quiz will now be worked on together in class instead of as a regular quiz, so will be more of a formative assessment this time.  A test on the ratios unit will be at the end of the following week.

That should about cover everything, but please feel free to email or post a reply if you have any questions.

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