Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekly Class Summary: Jan. 27-31

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.4 & 8.3a Ratios, Rates, & Proportions; SOL 7.4 & 8.3b Consumer Applications
Math Dictionary Sections:  21 RRP; 22 Congruency & Similarity; 23 Problem Solving with Percents
Upcoming Assessments:  Bay PBL Project (Folder on Mon. 2/3; Final presentations start on Tues. 2/4)

So we've had yet another interesting week due to some rather interesting winter weather.  After the students missed all of last week due to snow, they had school Monday and Tuesday of this week before getting snowed out again until today (Friday, Jan. 31).  Monday, the students spent the first half of the block working on the county's first semester benchmark test and the second half in the computer lab working on their Chesapeake Bay PBL presentations.  Tuesday, students completed the benchmark test and then used the Chromebooks to continue their PBL work.  A few students have a few questions left on the benchmark, but all have completed the ten questions I told them would count as their first quiz grade for the term; the few questions some have left can be completed the day we're in the lab later in February when they enter their answers into the county's system.

Knowing that we had a chance of missing more time, I sent the students home with their homework for Wednesday and Thursday, so they'd have something to help them "stay fresh" for math.  When we returned after what some students are referring to as our third winter break, we started the block off by working on the first half of what was previously planned as the ratios, rates, and proportions quiz.  Due to the lost time, some adjustments have had to be made, so it will now count as a classwork grade, but the students still get the exposure to these SOL-type questions.  Students were then given the rest of the block to finish up their PBL presentations.

We'll start presenting in the classroom just to classmates (another change from the original plans) on Tuesday, February 4th, with one or two groups presenting each day.  Knowing that some students have not had sufficient time to implement all their plans, allowances will be made in the grading process.  For instance, a few groups wanted to film video PSAs but haven't been able to find time on the few days we've been in school to do the actual filming, much less the editing.  In this case, I'll grade the script these groups have written for now and they'll be able to continue working on the project after "final grades" are given to earn bonus points; the lack of an "official" final product will not be held against students.  I'll continue to work with students on finding after school and/or SOAR time to work on finalizing their projects since they have been excited about their plans and I'm eager to see what their imaginations have come up with!  From what I've seen so far, they've done an excellent job and I'm so very proud of them!

I'm already hearing weather warnings (though not in the official sense) for next week, so I'm already working on setting up a packet of work students can do at home to stay on top of things and not get too rusty with all the missed time.  I'm hoping we don't miss any more time, but I'd like to be prepared for the possibility just in case.

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