Monday, February 17, 2014

Homework: Feb. 17-21

For the week of February 17, 2014

This week students have been given a new packet of work on quadrilaterals.  Parts will be completed in class, but for most of this packet, students will be expected to complete the work on their own.  The first page ("Camp Quadrilateral") goes with an in-class slideshow created by another county teacher.  We'll view the presentation together in class and fill out that first page from the slideshow, but students can view it again here.

If students did not complete and/or turn in last week's packet and/or take-home test, they should do so as soon as possible.  It will be marked as missing (M=0F) until they are turned into me.  They've been given time in class over the last two weeks as well as today in class, but I cannot give anymore class time for it.

Students should study and prepare for the next quiz, which will be on quadrilaterals and take place next week (Mon. 2/24).

We'll be in the computer lab on Friday to input answers for the county's first semester benchmark test as well as a bit of gaming review, so students are reminded they can bring their headphones/earbuds to class on that day.

CW & HW for the week of 2/17/14

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