Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Class Summary: Feb. 10-14

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.4 & 8.3b Consumer Applications
Math Dictionary Sections:  23 Problem Solving with Percents
Upcoming Assessments:  Bay PBL Project (Final presentations Mon. 2/17); Quads Quiz (Mon. 2/21/14)

Since I'm writing this late due to last week's snow days, I'll be keeping this on the short side.  As previously mentioned, students received a consumer applications packet of work, which was used as both classwork and homework.  They also received a take-home test in case we fell prey to the snow again and I'm so glad I planned ahead for it since as we all know school was closed both Thursday and Friday.  I've never been so ready for spring!  There's no official word yet on how exactly we'll be making up these most recent snow days, but we should be hearing soon.  Once I know, I'll be sure to include that information here, though the county will undoubtedly send out their own updates.

We continued our presentations at the beginning of the blocks and we can almost officially call an end to this PBL project.  The last few groups are actually presenting today, so I'll include the tech components for their project on this week's WCS, but below you'll find the ones from last week.  Parents and guardians, please take a look at these awesome projects and give your children some well deserved praise.  PBL projects in general can be a bit difficult as it's a different way of learning for most of these kids than what they're used to (though they'll be seeing much more of it in the future), but adding in all this crazy weather added a new level of difficulty in just managing everything for a group project.

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