Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly Class Summary: Mar. 17-21

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.12 & 8.14,16 Relations & Functions
Math Dictionary Sections:  29 Relations & Functions
Upcoming Assessments:  Trans. & Rel./Func. Test (Tues. 4/1/14); CCPS Post-Test (Thurs. 4/3/14)

I promised the kids I'll get all of their work graded and back to them at the beginning of each class on Monday, so I've got a stack of stuff to get through this afternoon before leaving, therefore I'll be (trying) to keep this on the short side (though I've said that before and ended up with quite a bit more).  This has been another crazy weather week, so Monday and Tuesday were both two-hour delays, but we used every bit of the hours we were in school those days to continue working on transformations.  I went over some easy tips to help the students remember how to do each of the transformations and made a few updates to the notes and Smart Chart to add to the ease.  Students took the quiz on the unit on Thursday and were given the rest of that block to work on starting to tie up loose ends for this term.  I'll post an additional reminder, but students were informed that the last day I'll be taking make-up work and/or error analysis on assessments will be next Friday, March 28th since the week after next will be the end of the third term.

On Friday, I introduced our new unit on relations and functions.  In all of the classes, the students worked in groups to match up various real world relations before then determining which part was the independent event and which was the dependent (ex. the distance traveled depends on the amount of gas in a car).  I was extremely happy with this activity as students seemed to really enjoy it on top of getting a lot out of it.  Blocks 3/4 was able to complete and Block 7/8 was able to start a second activity in which students went about determining whether various graphs, tables, maps, and number sets were or were not a function (Block 1/2 will do this activity on Monday).  We'll be continuing this unit all of next week, but the test will take place at the start of the following week and will thus be one of the first grades for the last term.  This is in order to allow students a chance to complete an error analysis on it before the grade is closed out.

Finally, I'd like to remind students and parents/guardians that some of the county's teachers (myself included) cannot access our email at the moment, specifically all teachers with last names L-R last I heard.  I'm not sure when we'll get it back, but as I stated in the message I sent through Edline, I can still receive messages through Edmodo, as comments left here on the blog, and of course there's always the "old school" paper note sent through the student.  A message can also be left with the office and I can call back when I'm free.  If any emails were sent after email went down (I last received emails Wed. 3/19 at 9:27 PM), then there's a possibility they could be completely lost.  Since I've not heard specifics about what happened to the email system, I'm not sure what to expect from this.  Fingers crossed the issue is solved soon!

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