Monday, March 24, 2014

Homework: Mar. 24-28 (+Reminders!)

Students are reminded to turn in late/incomplete assignments as well as signed grade reports if they haven't already.  All term 3 assignments are due by Friday, March 28.  Any grades taken after this week will be counted towards the next term in order to give students a chance to make the work up or due corrections if necessary.  Students should work on the functions packet, which is due this Friday, March 28.

We'll be in the computer lab for math gaming review on Monday, March 31, so students should bring their headphones/earbuds for that day.  A test on transformations and functions is scheduled for Tuesday, April 1 and we also have to take the county's post-assessment this term, which is scheduled for April 3.  I'd prefer not to have back-to-back testing, but it sadly couldn't be helped.  Again, grades from the week of March 31st will go onto the last term.

Reminder:  I'm still not able to schedule a "regular" tutoring time (auntie driving duties have pilled up), but students can make arrangements with me to set up a time to come in early or stay a little after if the need extra help.

HW & CW for the week of 3/24/14

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