Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly Class Summary: Mar. 24-28

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.12 & 8.14,16 Relations & Functions
Math Dictionary Sections:  29 Relations & Functions; 30 Patterns & Sequences
Upcoming Assessments:  Trans. & Rel./Func. Test (Tues. 4/1/14); CCPS Post-Test (Thurs. 4/3/14)

I'm keeping things on the "short and sweet" side this week for the simple fact that I need to get home and take a nap!  I know springs finally starting to make its way into central Virginia since I can already feel the affects on my sinuses.  Now onto the math!

We've been working hard on functions this week, discussing how to identify a function, the different parts of a function, and how to represent relations/functions using tables, graphs, rules, and words.  Students were again given packets (one homework and one classwork) for the unit.  The classwork packet was worked on in class throughout the week, though students are only responsible for completing pg. 1-10 of it; the rest can be used by the students independently for their own personal review and we'll likely come back to it after spring break as part of our SOL review depending on what materials are released by the state and/or county before then.  We ended the week with a test review packet, which does not have to be turned in as the students should keep it as study material.
That's a Function!!! Interactive from ASSET & ASU
The test will be on Tuesday and Wednesday (as needed), after a computer lab review day on Monday (students are reminded to bring their headphones/earbuds that day).  Normally I avoid having multiple assessments in one week, but we've been given a deadline for the county's post-assessment test, which is to be completed by Friday, April 4th, so we'll spend Thursday and Friday next week working on that.  This isn't the same as the county's SOL simulation test, which I have scheduled for the week after spring break (see the Team 7-2 Student Google calendar; students must login with their county accounts for access).

As I promised the students, I'm giving one last extra credit opportunity.  Students can complete assignments/tests on TenMarks and/or JLab (be sure to use the "new" 2009 standards on JLab) for up to 20 points extra credit.  Students can either email or send their results through Edmodo/Google or print a hardcopy to turn into me.  The deadline for this is next Friday, April 4th (the official end of term) and students will be allowed to use part of their computer time on Monday on this if they cannot work on it at home.  As previously stated, all corrections on old assessments and assignments were due by today (3/28), but since I always allow (and strongly encourage) students to work on pulling their grades up, assignments from this week (homework and classwork on functions) will still be accepted next week.


Effie Randolph said...

Don't forget the Lunch/Movie day you have created Tomorrow! I will try my best to make it there or to behave so I am allowed to go there. Is it held in your classroom?

Ms. Lambert said...

Don't worry, Effie! I haven't forgotten and I've brought the movie. So long as everyone's on their best behavior, the movies a-go!