Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekly Class Summary: June 9-13

SOLs Covered:  SOL 8.6 Angle Relationships
Math Dictionary Sections:  35 Angles; 36 Angle Relationships; 37 Angle & Line Bisectors
Upcoming Assessments:  NONE!!!

So here we are!  The year's officially over and it's been a great one!  On Wednesday, we had our awards ceremony with the finale slideshow, which can be found on Edline, followed by an attempt at an outdoor carnival until the rain forced everyone inside. With the wash-out, students instead got to come in and watch movies or socialize.

For math this week, we did a bit of work on angle relationships, which tied into my favorite end-of-year activity, origami.  While going through the steps for folding the paper, I pointed out the various things that relate back to our work this week and throughout the year:  supplementary angles found within the folds, how the diagonals of a square form perpendicular bisectors, etc.  It took a bit of time along with 12 pieces of paper per student, but students' final product was a 24-faced polyhedron.  Those who finished early also had a chance to make 8-pointed stars and/or other pieces of origami.

I hope everyone enjoys their summer break and stays safe.  I'd also like to encourage students to review every once and awhile over the summer so their math skills stay fresh.  To help with that, students will still have access to the accounts I set up for them this year aside from TenMarks, which they can instead sign up for on their own.  The county has also made resources available on their SOL & Summer Resources page.  And finally....

Have a great summer!

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