Friday, September 19, 2014

Math: Week 3

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.16 & 8.15 Properties of Real Numbers
Math Packet:  #3 Properties
Upcoming Assessments:  Properties Quiz (Mon. 9/22); CCPS Wk 1-4 Quiz (Tues. 9/23); Test MP #1-3 (Thurs. 9/25 & Fri. 9/26)

SOLs Covered:  SOL 8.1 Order of Operations
Math Packet:  #3 PEMDAS
Upcoming Assessments:  Test MP #1-4 (Thurs. 9/25 & Fri. 9/26)

In this last week leading up to the distribution of the students Chromebooks, we've had to give a little of class time in preparation for it.  The list with the students who still owe items required to get the Chromebook (signed copies of the Mobile Device Usage Agreement as well as the Student Code of Conduct along with the $50 fee) was sent to teachers on Thursday.  I made sure all students who still owe something knew what they owed and got copies of the papers as needed.  While most of my students are "good to go," those who still owe items might be unable to get their Chromebook on Monday and Tuesday if they do not get this taken care of ASAP.  If any of these students are not able to get their devices, I'll still have paper work we'll be doing at least part of the time in class; students without devices for whatever reason will have alternative paper assignments.  We also had a lesson to go over the basics of Chromebook use and the county's Acceptable Use Policy that was covered in all first block classes throughout the school.  We'll have a few lessons next week as well.

It's about time for me to report for "Auntie Taxi Service" duties, so I'll keep the math side of things short and sweet.  All classes got an overview of how to do an error analysis (quiz corrections) on last week's quiz in order to earn back points.  The MSM2 classes (Blocks 1/2 and 7/8) covered the properties of real numbers this week.  This is partially a review with some "beefed up features" added into the mix.  Block 7/8 was able to take the quiz as planned today, but due to the Chromebook lesson Block 1/2 didn't have enough time to get to it, so they'll be taking it on Monday.  The 7H class covered order of operations (A.K.A. PEMDAS, GEMDAS, GEMS, BIDMAS), which is again, this is a bit of review "beefed up" a bit.  They also had a quiz on Friday.

Well, my niece is coming in the door now from cross country, so I have to run.  If any one would like more details on this week, please feel free to email/message me.

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