Tuesday, February 04, 2014

After School Help Session

I'll be staying after again this Wednesday, February 5 to provide extra help and let students work on making up missing assignments.  If there are any students who would like to participate, you need to make arrangements with me ahead of time.  Students should see me in class before Wednesday to make their request and then ask their parents/guardians to write a note or email giving them permission to stay after.  I need to have a list of students ahead of time to ensure that the number staying after doesn't get to out of hand and to make sure I have copies of the assignments for students needing to complete work.  Students will need to be picked up no later than 4:15 PM or they will not be allowed to stay after again in the future.  Students do not have to stay the entire time if it doesn't work for family schedules, but I wanted to make the extra time available for those who need or want it.

While this is a return to the "regular" help sessions, students needing to work on finalizing their PBL projects are welcome to attend as well so long as they have written permission from a parent, be it paper/pencil or electronic.  Students are also welcome to come in early to school to work on the project.  I can guarantee that I'll be at school by 8 AM every morning but try to get here earlier when possible.  If students check with me ahead of time, I can try to guarantee the earlier times when possible.  I do occasionally have early morning meetings, so I prefer that students check with me first for this reason.  On those days, they might still be able to use the table I've set up outside the classroom to work while they wait for my meeting to finish.

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