Friday, February 07, 2014

Weekly Class Summary: Feb. 3-7

SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.4 & 8.3b Consumer Applications
Math Dictionary Sections:  23 Problem Solving with Percents
Upcoming Assessments:  Bay PBL Project (Final presentations on going); Proportional Reasoning Test (Fri. 2/14/14)

This week's class summary will be on the short side when it comes to text.  This is because part of each class was devoted to groups presenting their PBL projects, some of which can be seen below if they had a tech component.  We'd changed the previous plans of presenting on one day in a kind of "science fair style" because of all the snow days.  I now have groups presenting one group per day.

I've been incredibly proud of the groups who have presented thus far.  Since this is our first year doing PBL and thus a learning experience for the teachers as well, I've been a bit more lenient in grading than PBL would generally call for, grading in the students' favor when it came to flaws.  I've already learned a lot from the process as well as the students and I have plans to start tweaking this project for future use.  Of course having student examples of completed projects will be the first big help in the process.

After students presented each day, we worked on the packets mentioned in the homework posting this week.  This packet will carry over into next week as we get ready for the proportional reasoning test.  If the wintry weather forecast for this weekend and next week ends up being worse than currently expected, students will at least have work with them to help prepare them.  If the weather does turn out to be bad enough to need more snow days, we've already started talking about the possibility of the test being made a take-home assessment, though we'll have to wait to see what the weather brings.

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